Welcome to the World’s Simplest Program:

The Quickest & Simplest Way to
Get Strong & Muscular

& Blast Belly Fat

Without Spending Endless Hours in the Gym!


I know, it sounds like one of those terrible “click bait” headlines you get all over the internet these days.
Full of promise and not much else.
But trust me, fake sensationalism is the last thing on my agenda.
This article is for real and so is the program.
Read on to find out…

Are you a Busy Professional Man with Precious Little Time,
Cruising TOO FAST past 30,
painfully aware of the passage of time
and DETERMINED to stay fit & strong for as long as y0u can?

or maybe you’ve already lost your MOJO ..!
and NOW is the moment to get it all back.

if you are a busy, successful, hard-working man over 30
who doesn’t have a helluva lot of free time…

 …BUT you still wanna be fit, strong & muscular and feel good about your body.

So here we go. No pics or fancy images. Just the facts…

 3 days a week,

 45 minutes a time,

The world’s simplest training program for adding strength and muscle, and increasing fat loss.


 Bench Press VS. Suspension Trainer Rows

 Dumbbell Press VS. Dumbbell Rows

 Simple HIIT Cardio

That’s day 1!

  Back squats


Simple HIIT Cardio

that’s day 2!

Military press VS. Lat Pull-Down

Bicep Curls VS. Triceps Dips

Simple HIIT Cardio

that’s day 3!

>>> THE SETS & REPS <<<


Bench Press VS. Suspension Row.

15m “AMRAP”
(As Many Rounds As Possible)

Start with five reps of each movement in super-set fashion,
> 5+5 <
do that as many times as you can for 15 minutes,
and record the total number of reps that you get.

That is; 1 Super-Set = 5 presses + 5 rows = 10 total reps. As many times as you can in 15 minutes.

You’ll then move on to
Dumbbell Press VS. Dumbbell Row
and do the exact same thing.

15 minutes, as many reps as you can of each movement,
making sure that you get the same number of reps of each movement.
So always pair the numbers evenly.
5+5, 3+3, or however you wanna do it.

That’s all the Day 1 weight training in only half an hour.
I’ll tell you about the cardio in a minute.


Back Squats and Deadlifts.

You’re gonna keep it simple.

5 sets of 5 Back squats,
5 sets of 5 Deadlifts.

That’s Day 2; 5×5, x2.


Military Press VS. Lat Pull-Downs.

Again, 15 minutes, as many reps as you can, starting with sets of five.

And then 15 minutes of
Curls VS. Dips

You can use barbell curls, the EZ-Bar or dumbbells.

You can do bench dips, bar dips, or close grip push-ups.

The trick is the 15 minutes,
as many total reps as you can.
Sets of 5+5.

That’s all your muscle building work done for day 3.

FAT LOSS comes in at the end of each of those sessions,
and all we’re gonna do is Burpees VS. Mountain Climbers.

Everyone knows what a burpee is, if you’re not sure about mountain climbers there’s tons of videos on YouTube.
Go and find out what that is, okay.

At the end of sessions 1, 2 & 3 you’re gonna do 15 minutes of Burpees/ Mountain Climbers/ Rest.

You’ll do burpees for 15 seconds, going fast.

Mountain climbers for 15 seconds, going fast.

And then 15 seconds’ rest (resting fast 😉 )

You repeat that as many times as you can, up until you can do it continuously for 15 minutes, .

That’s a bit of high-intensity, hard working, fat-burning cardio.

That’s the whole programme.

It’s so quick & easy I can run through the whole thing again in 20 seconds flat…

Bench Press VS. Suspension Row, 15 minutes.

Dumbbell Press VS. Dumbbell Row, 15 minutes.

Burpees VS. Mountain Climbers, 15 minutes.

That’s 45 minutes.

Back Squat, 5×5.

Deadlift, 5×5.

Burpees VS. Mountain Climbers, 15 minutes.

45 minutes.

Military Press VS. Lat Pull-Downs., 15 minutes.

Curls VS. Dips, 15 minutes (you see the pattern here).

Burpees VS. Mountain Climbers, 15 minutes.

that’s another 45 minute workout.


Start with the 15 minute AMRAP protocol with weights that you can get a total number of reps of 200 in the 15 minutes,

so that’s 100 of each,

And across the course of 3 to 4 months, slowly add weight & reduce reps,
until you get to the point where you can only get 90 reps in total over 15 minutes
because shit’s heavy now.

200 total reps in 15 minutes, down to 90 total reps in 15 minutes
over the course of three to four months,
using the exact same protocol all the way through.

Deadlift and Back Squat; start nice and light,
add five kilos to the bar each week and just do the work.

Burpees and Mountain Climbers, just keep going as long as you can,
til you can hit that 15 minute mark,
and then you can increase to:
20 seconds of Burpees, 20 seconds of Mountain Climbers, and only 10 seconds’ rest.
And then try and hit that 15 minute mark again.

That’s it.


Every day, have:

palm sized pieces of PROTEIN,
2 fist sized pieces of CARBOHYDRATE,
and a BIG plate of VEGETABLES,
3 times a day with plenty of water.

Protein (2 palms).
Carbs (2 fists).
Vegetables and water (loads).
3 times a day.

Have 1 Cheat Day per week

That is IT!

the World’s Simplest Program
for Getting Strong, adding Muscle,
and Increasing Fat Burning.

I hope you enjoy it.

By all means leave a comment & let me know if you’re gonna give it a go, and I hope you get really good results.

Peace out! xx 


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