You’re Fired Up With Desire, Belief & Commitment.
You’ve Decided What Approach is Best For You.
You’ve Overcome Your Biggest Obstacles.

Now It’s Time to Tell You
What You Need To Do in the Gym
to Create Your Ultimate Male Physique…

A bunch of my results from the 12 Week Physique program that I run as a licensed coach at my gym

(A bunch of my results from the 12 Week Physique program that I run as a licensed coach at my gym)

It’s pretty damned simple actually.


(And here’s Matt as he graduated the Iron Body Blueprint, my own 12-week transformation program)

First of all,
 you’ll need to be training 3 to 5 days per week.

Obviously the more you train, the quicker and more dramatic your results will be.

And you’re gonna need some basic-yet-essential ingredients in your program:

  • Big Compound Movements that address the major muscle groups evenly, such as chest press, lat pull-downs, squats and deadlifts. Keep it simple. Keep it Compound.
  • Accessory Movements that compliment your big hitters so you can maximize your gains. Smaller movements that are similar to the main lifts to provide sufficient training volume.
  • Proven set & rep schemes that follow the correct principles of progression for fast & effective growth of strength & muscle
  • The right amount of high-intensity and low-intensity cardio for maximizing fat-loss whilst preserving muscle gains.
  • A basic, clean diet that’s high in protein and has the right amount of calories to keep you fuelled up.

There Should Be 4 Main Phases of the Program:

1-2 weeks (or more): Pre-Program Training – If you’ve found a great trainer with a proven program he should make sure that before you dive headlong into a full-on training program you have the skills and drills to execute it safely and effectively.

2-4 weeks: Foundation Phase – keeping things fairly light and high volume to build a solid foundation of strength and fitness that will increase your capacity for the next 2 phases

6-8 weeks: Acceleration Phase – gradually increasing the intensity/load over the weeks in a smart way that allows for maximum growth whilst minimizing stress on your joints and CNS.

1-3 weeks: Peaking Phase – for squeezing the last drops of strength & muscle gains and maximizing fat loss.


Continued Progress: After the program is over it is ESSENTIAL that you have a plan for maintaining your gains and making continued progress at a slower and more steady pace.
If you just stop you will lose ALL of your progress very quickly.

That’s it for now.

I’ve kept this pretty high level because I don’t want to overwhelm you.

I want you to SUCCEED.

If you apply all the lessons from the first 3 posts you’ll have no trouble finding a great coach to help you do this.

It could be me, it could be someone else.

Hell, I’ll even recommend someone to you if you don’t live nearby.

But this isn’t a sales pitch.
I want to help you.
So if you want to know even more about this subject for free
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