There’s Someone Here I Don’t Like…

Let me know if you recognise him;

  • He let’s himself down on the regular
  • He caves in to his impulses with little-to-no resistance
  • He uses ANY excuse to have a drink and he always wishes he hadn’t done the next morning
  • He does the same with food, just stuffing pizzas and crappy processed food down his gullet thinking it’ll somehow make him feel better
  • He goes to the gym but only half-heartedly, and if any plausible excuse arises he fucks it off completely
  • He looks in the mirror with reactions wavering between dissatisfaction, self-loathing and anger at himself for being such a flakey little bitch
  • He tells himself “TOMORROW IT’LL BE DIFFERENT!”
  • Tomorrow isn’t different
  • Next week isn’t different
  • He watches his physique spiral out of control and feels like all other aspects of his life could easily go the same way if he isn’t careful

Recognise him yet?

Well, I’ll tell you who it is I’m talking about.
It’s Name & Shame Time for this guy

It’s me

At least it’s a part of me
The part of me I hate the most
And the part of me that wants me to fail

Luckily there’s a better part of me too

He who wants to win big
To be the best he possibly can, for himself
& to be the best for everyone else too

And most of the time the “Good” me is in the driving seat, behind the wheel, making moves

But I’ll tell you this: It takes constant vigilance to keep “Negative” me from taking over and fucking shit up

He’ll never quit though, the Bad Me,
He’ll always be there with his helpful excuses and invitations to self-destruction

No matter how strong, lean, fit, wise or wealthy I become
He’ll always be ready to jump in and take control of the ship

That’s the battle though, right?

That’s the real difference between the winners and the losers;

it’s the ones who don’t quit, who refuse to give in to their inner asshole, who win at life

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