The Wilderness Has No End

When I was young and naive I always believed that there would be an end to the wilderness I found myself in, and most of my time, thought, effort and energy went into finding that end.

But without fail, any newfound sanctuary would sooner or later give way to a new face of the same wilderness I thought I had just beaten

After 30 years or so I began to realize that the wilderness – the Chaos of Nature – was everywhere and that it was the islands of peace, rest and contentment that were the fleeting, temporary things

The Wilderness has no end

This continuous cycle of struggling and fighting, followed by short bursts of peace and happiness, followed by yet more fear & doubt & hopelessness, threatened to overwhelm me, and there where more than a few occasions when I seriously contemplated taking my own life; once even having a loaded rifle in my mouth and my thumb on the trigger

Fortunately I have always had something at my core that kept me fighting and refusing to give up. I think of this now as the spirit of my father, and even then it was his voice I’d hear in my mind, willing me to go on

As I went on through life, winning battle after battle (& losing more than a few), I also started to learn that peace is not to be found by reaching the end of wilderness, but by accepting that adversity, struggle and uncertainty is the very nature of life, and by choosing to do the very best one possibly can to succeed in spite of this

The best thing is that anybody can find peace, purpose and meaning
by choosing to be the best they can be, and there are almost endless ways you could choose to do so

You could, like me, choose to be a champion of strength, to become as strong as you can be in body, mind and emotions, and to use that strength to help others to the best of your ability

Or you could become a champion of peace and love, or of intellect and study

Or you could simply start by getting your shit together, cleaning up your diet and your lifestyle and getting in shape

It really doesn’t matter what you choose, the magic is in choosing 

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