The Anatomy of Your Physique Transformation

In 7 Simple Steps

When it comes to embarking on a physique transformation or a journey of physical self-imprivement you might have been telling yourself for years now, that you’re gonna “do it next week”

or next month,

or on Monday…

But Monday never quite arrives. Oh well, there’s always next week!

You might have even started, made progress and seen some results, but for one reason or another you stopped and it all slid back to square 1

You’re probably fed-up with the hollow sounding promises you make to yourself about “this time it’s different. This time I MEAN it…” (I’ve lost count of the times I’ve told myself that about things I want to change)

Maybe you’re starting to think you can’t even do it.
That it’s all a bit too much and not achievable: well that’s bollocks
You can do it, you just need all the pieces in place – Not before you do it, but AS you do it. It’s the act of doing that makes you ready.

Here are all the pieces you need, in order:

STEP 1. Knowing where you’re at

It may seem obvious but if you don’t have an idea of where you’re at, of what it is about your situation that is causing the most pain, and how much worse things can get if you do nothing, you’ll almost definitely never get started

So start with that. Think of all the things you do not like about your physique, strength, health, physical prowess.

Think about the negative emotions you feel when you look in the mirror, and the things other people say that hurt your feelings (even if you don’t let on they do)

Get a little angry about that

Then you’ve got your Point A.

The place you desperately want to move AWAY from

STEP 2. Knowing Where You’re Going

This isn’t as easy or simple as it might look on paper because of a little thing called Self Belief

Set your sights too high and your sub-conscious could come out to sabotage you without you even knowing it

Set them too low and, well, what’s the point

Your initial goal really doesn’t matter too much, as long as it’s a bit of a challenge, but you DO need to have a destination in mind.

This time, dwell on the potential future positive emotions, feelings, things people might say when they notice the difference

Now you have your Point B. The place you are striving to reach; Happy Island

STEP 3. Knowing the importance

The biggest variation in the stories I hear are on this Step.
Some people just want to be the best they can be, to fulfil their human potential
Others have health related reasons, or the desire to be a role model for their kids

Whatever your reason it, find it.
Think about why it’s so important to you.
Think about how it’ll be when you get there; the things you’ll be able to do, the emotions you’ll have, the fulfilment you’ll feel

And think about what happens if you don’t act now.
Think about how you’ll feel if you continue to move in the opposite direction of your goals.
How much will that hurt?

Now your sense of purpose is strong & clear

STEP 4. Find the Right Guide

100% of the time, the men I’ve spoken to have needed knowledge, accountability and guidance to reach their goals

Some more than others but everyone needs a helping hand

And, as you’ll notice if you’re a fan of Marvel movies, or Star Wars, or Conan the Barbarian, every Hero needs a Guide.
So place yourself in the shoes of the Hero and search out the Guide who’s right for you

Do they have the understanding of exactly what you want and the knowledge of how to help you get it?

Do they place you as the hero in the story rather than themselves?

Can they demonstrate previous success helping people like you achieve similar results?

Getting this bit right can be a life-changing relationship so it’s worth some time & effort.
Finding the right guide means you don’t have to worry if you’re doing everything right or if your technique is ok, your Guide will take care of that for you

All you need to do after that is…

STEP 5. Commit to the Gym Work

Nothing gets results like consistency.

We have plenty of men at WSC who only train 90mins to 2hrs a week and who experience very good results; consistently getting stronger and more muscular whilst steadily losing body-fat

We also have men on higher frequency programs who experience less results

The reason? Consistency. Of attendance & of effort

So make peace with the fact that you’ll need consistency over time to make a real difference

Consistency of training, week in, week out, minimising absences or finding alternative ways to train if you really can’t make it to your regular session

Consistency of effort. Nothing of true value comes easily. So commit willingly to the effort required to carve changes out of your body

STEP 6. Commit to the Kitchen Work

As with Step 5. the magic is in keeping going. So apply the same effort and dedication with your food plan as you do with your training plan and things will happen very quickly for you

It’s also important that your chosen Guide supports you here.
You’ll likely be in the gym only 2-3 hours per week.
That leaves 159 more hours you’re not there, so it’s essential to feel supported while you’re at home and at work

STEP 7. Gather Your Allies

You’ll need support. In the gym and out. So identify those who are supportive of your goals

The best way I’ve found to do this is to train in a small group, somewhere from 4-8 like-minded individuals who all have similar goals

This does a few things for you:
>> Makes going to the gym about more than just training; it becomes a social occasion with people you value and share a common goal with
>> Adds layers of peer-group support and accountability; if you slack off you’re not just letting yourself down but your team too
>> Makes training hard more enjoyable and adds a level of friendly competition to your workouts; all this means faster gains and better results

Now you have the steps. It’s all you need. Start with the 1st one and just work through it. You could be up & running within the next day or 2 and this time, it’ll be for real 😉

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