Mission Big 5-0 with Jason Linney

“What do you want?”

Jon my personal trainer and owner of the Wimbledon Strength club, a private gym in the heart of suburbia asked me

“I’m fifty next March. I want to look like you by the time I hit it.”

And there is was

Out there

The grand goal, or at least A grand goal. A huffy, puffy, overweight, diabetic, high blood-pressured, ex-party-animal sesh-gremlin (that’s me FYI)  asking a man with a physique that would blend in nicely with the citizens of  Mount Olympus to work a damn miracle

And he said “Yes”

But we thought we might make it a little different…

Catch number 1 was we agreed to record it every step of the way. The good, the bad and the ugly.  We would be searingly honest with each other and would endeavour to show the struggles and inner workings of this kind of challenge to anyone who might be interested to listen.    

So blogs and process pictures and video blogs would be the window into it all

Catch number 2; I’m a meditation teacher and despite my body and diet being traditionally a total shed collapse, I take my mental health very seriously indeed.  So I agreed in return to teach him to mediate and give him a taste of the peace of mind that I by and large enjoy

He improves my body,  I improve his mind.  The Ying and the Yang

  There was a lot to do and lot get right… Beginner’s mind…anxieties and fear…no more cold pizza for breakfast…my long standing aversion to sports and any form of physical exertion…

and so the road to the Big 5-0 begins

With two middle aged geeky guys helping each other and seeing where it takes them both

On March 9th 2021 we will know but I will always keep in mind one of my favourite quotes to get us there…

Little by little one travels far

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