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How Can Physical Transformation Result In Life Transformation

This was a question I struggled with for a long time

I knew getting in shape WAS life-changing – at least for me – but whenever a business coach or anyone else asked me to justify that claim in real terms, I couldn’t

And this was a problem for me

I was growing (what was to become) Wimbledon Strength Club and, as part of that journey I was selling “life changing” transformations

So if I couldn’t pin down the mechanism behind those claims, I would be a fraud

Still, I couldn’t put it into words what WAS…

but here’s what it WASN’T:

– It wasn’t that finally having a 6-pack changed someone’s life (even though it’s really cool, it’s not quite life-changing)

– It wasn’t being really damned strong and full of muscle that changed someone’s life (although being strong and being defined does to a LOT for a man’s confidence, it STILL wasn’t what I was getting at)

– And it certainly wasn’t the broccoli, chicken and rice that people would eat (other foods were available 😉 )

I mean, the health, the fitness, the strength & muscle and the confidence it brings people, NONE of THAT is to be sniffed at.

It’s really powerful stuff and arguably it does change a man’s life in a material way

But I still wasn’t satisfied. Something was still missing

Then I discovered something called the Hero’s Journey and everything clicked into place

The power of physical transformation to also transform your life is this:

The voluntary undertaking of a difficult journey towards a defined purpose, and in the company of good men who share your desire, has the power to transform you on a fundamental & spiritual level

  • Men thrive when they have PURPOSE, this is proven. It’s also proven that we live in a time of purposelessness. So by giving yourself a purpose you believe, you give yourself a valuable gift.
  • Things have more value that are difficult to achieve, so the journey has to be challenging and you have to embark on it voluntarily. No-one would watch Thor if he didn’t have to fight for victory, right?
  • All men are strengthened when they are in the company of their Brothers. Being united through purpose and sharing the experience completes the set

And it’s that combination of qualities, coupled with the eventual successful completion of the journey that gives a man a deep understanding and belief in himself and it’s THAT which can change a man’s life

Some people will never do this by the way. It takes courage to even start

Will you?

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