how to get fit strong & muscular in your 30’s and 40’s PART 2


How To Get

Fitter, Stronger & More Muscular

In Your 30’s & 40’s

Without the Usual Bullshit


How freaking cool would it be if every minute you spent in the gym was put to the best possible use so that you could get the most impressive results in the shortest possible time and Become a total Badass quicker that you can say

“how much do you bench?”

You know what it’s like, wondering around the gym, not really knowing what to do or how to do it.

Wondering why your knees hurt whenever you squat (if you ever do) and why your shoulders are sore from doing bench press(if you ever get to use the bench).

Or just surfing from machine to machine, avoiding the free-weights area like the plague coz it’s full of frowning meatheads throwing weights around like they own the damned place.

Well I’m about to tell you the three things you need to succeed so that you can walk the gym with confidence and have other people look to YOU for clues.

Read on to hear about the Toolbox of Champions!

TOOL #1The Right Program.

It flabbergasts me how often this is messed up.

Skinny-as-a-rake Hard Gainers doing HIIT programs hoping to get big.

Fat dudes doing the exact same workout of treadmill, cross-trainer & gym ball sit-ups, week in, week out and never changing a thing (and never looking any slimmer).

Fellas who think they’re way bigger than they actually are doing the same reps & sets on the same machines forever & ever and never adding any muscle no matter how many protein drinks they guzzle.

Truth is, everyone needs strength training, everyone needs to add muscle mass and everyone needs to so some kind of cardio. 

But it’s always different strokes for different folks.

So make sure your program suits YOU and YOUR goals.

HARD GAINER? Lift more weights, like LOT more. Eat more food. Do less cardio.

LARD GAINER? Lift more weights. Eat less food. Do more cardio.

TOOL #2The Right Skills & Drills.

I am well-known for being a stickler for technique. Almost to the point of obsession.


Because if you ain’t doing the exercise correctly, YOU AIN’T DOING IT AT ALL!

Think about it. An exercise is designed to elicit a specific response and needs to be done in a specific way in order to do that.

SO every rep you do in the wrong way is a waste of time, energy and effort.

It’s also dangerous.

So like I always say:

“I don’t care how much you can lift if you can’t lift it properly!”

So once you’ve decided on the right program for you, study all the movements and take the time to learn them. Own the movement.

TOOL #3The Right Support.

“No Man Is An Island” – John Donne 

I don’t usually use quotes from old prose, but this quote is very apt.

And this third tool wraps up the first 2 quite nicely..

See, it makes me sad when I see people at the gym on their own, looking as though gym-time is some form of self-punishment to be carried out alone and in fear rather than a gift to themselves that can actually be awesome fun and a way to form a bond with your brothers.

And these lonely guys are the ones who very rarely make real or lasting progress.

You know the ones who do?

The ones who have the right Coaching, Support & Accountability.  

Hell, even I needed a trainer when I was just starting out. And I thought I knew what I was doing because I’d been a British Champion Weightlifter as a teenager.

But becoming that champ wasn’t something I did on my own, and neither was becoming the man I am today.

I had people who taught me, I had people who supported me and I had people who kept me accountable.

And this is 100% essential for your long-term success.

How else are you gonna know if you have the right program & the right skills? How else are you gonna get your ass to the gym in the days you don’t really feel like it?

I personally value these things so much I invest heavily in myself with business coaches AND I have one guy at my gym who trains for free in return for being my dedicated training partner.

And if it wasn’t for him I’d be nowhere near as fit & strong as I am right now.

So, to once again finish this post, If you take one thing away with you that’s gonna make the difference let it be this:

Find a fucking good trainer and a small group of guys to train with. It will change your life.

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