how to get fit strong & muscular in your 30’s & 40’s PART 1


How To Get

Fitter, Stronger & More Muscular

In Your 30’s & 40’s

Without the Usual Bullshit


Imagine you knew exactly what to do to get as fit, strong, toned and muscular as you’ve always wanted to be in as few a steps as possible and with zero bullshit. 

I’m Jon Compton. Gym owner, founder of the Wimbledon Strength Club and Body Transformation Expert for busy men in their 30’s & 40’s

As you can see by my picture, I try not to take myself too seriously, and I believe all this stuff should be about having as much fun as possible along the way.

In this mini blog-series I’m about to tell you exactly what you need to know about getting fit & strong in your 30’s & 40’s, (especially if you’re a busy business owner who values his time) so that you can achieve your goals with simplicity, ease and a barrel full of belly laughs…


 Because what?

I get it man. The excuses you use for yourself feel real.


And guess what..?

For as long as you BELIEVE they are real, they will REMAIN real.

But they’re not.

They’re CHOICES. Choices you made based on bad information.

Believe it or not, somewhere along the line you DECIDED you couldn’t do it. You told yourself you weren’t good enough and you believed it.

And I don’t blame you. It’s easier that way.

Less disappointment, right?

Well how would you like to choose something different?

How would you like to choose success, fulfillment and feeling awesome?

How would you like to choose feeling really fucking good about yourself and being a much cooler, more fun and more confident person?

Sounds pretty Tip Top, yes?


Yeah you can.

 For real. You can. How do I know?

Because everyone who comes to my gym tells me they don’t think that THEY have the right body, genetics, metabolism, skills etc. etc. etc.

 But they DO!

They just needed to CHOOSE to believe it.

So if you WANT to get the mind-blowingly fantastic results you’ve said you want, you can choose to make the time, effort, investment in yourself to make it happen.


Here’s Wes. He didn’t think he could do it either. He didn’t think he could drop all that fat or build all that muscle. He never thought he’d meet so many brand new friends that were going through the same journey as him. He never even thought he could get out of bed in time to train before work. 

Until he came to me.

Then he chose to believe.

And now he is a very happy man…


 I’m glad you asked. I’m gonna tell you the exact steps you can go through to achieve your dream levels of physical prowess.

 This blog post (1 of 2) is about what comes first:

Focus & Clarity.


Imagine packing the car for a family holiday and setting off down the road without actually having had a conversation about where you’re going or how to get there.


You wouldn’t get very far.

SO why would you wander into the gym and start randomly lifting things up if you didn’t actually know EXACTLY what you wanted to achieve at the end of the session?

It’s a sure path to failed attempts and burned-out dreams. Yet you do it.

You put few weeks at the gym, trying to figure it out, only to stutter and putter out, never to return?

Maybe it’s because you didn’t really have a purpose in the first place.

So think…

What is it you really want?

& Why is it important?

If you know these things your chances of success multiply a thousand fold.

Do you want to be a Big Strong Beast of a Man who looks like he could move a mountain (and probably could)? 


Maybe you want a well-muscled physique like Wolverine or the Man of Steel,


Or maybe you really want to be an all-round action-man type who can hold his own against a pack of wolves whilst climbing rugged mountain passes and single-handedly over-throwing corrupt communist regimes.

& Why do you want to have the Body of a God with the Stamina to match?


And look, I know you might not be planning to take on the Ruskies in a cold war-style mountain drama, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

And when those dreams mean you can do things in everyday life that you couldn’t do before, well, they’re worth having.

Like my long-time client Glen (not his real name). He used to struggle to get himself out of the water when he took his family swimming and boating.

Which they do a LOT.

But since he’s been training with me at my gym that’s no longer a problem. And boy does he feel good about that.

And another one of my awesome members who is no longer afraid to walk alone into a busy bar to find his friends and can now easily talk to a member of the opposite sex without freezing up and tripping over his own tongue.

This is the real stuff.

And I’m telling you now my man, you can get it. You can get it much easier than you think.


It might not be much but it’s yours 😉

But seriously, you might be pretty fucking far away from your dream physique and dream lifestyle right now and that’s actually ok.

You want to be an ass-kicking tough guy with a heart of gold yet right now you’re more like an ass-dragging fat guy with dreams of something better.

So what.

Does that mean you can’t get there?

Does it hell!

Let me tell you a little about me. I am now the owner of my own fitness business, growing month by month, helping more and more people and getting ever-closer to my dream lifestyle which is a mixture of being at my gym and chilling with my family and friends.

But it wasn’t always like that man.

  • I’ve been homeless.
  • I’ve been addicted to seriously bad drugs.
  • I’ve been a borderline alcoholic and I’ve driven all my friends away with my wild and unpredictable behavior.

I’ve been bullied and picked on too. Shy, quiet and totally lacking in self-confidence.

SO if I can go from that train-wreck of a life to what I have now, I’m sure as hell YOU CAN TOO!

So look at where you’re at now. Get an idea of the journey from where you are to where you wanna be.


Only think of the next immediate step. The one that’s right in front of you.



No there isn’t.

There’s nothing stopping you. Not when you really question it. You can find a way, if you want it that bad.

Do you want it?

DO you want to feel amazing?

Be a better role model for your kids?

A better husband for your wife?

A stronger, sexier and more confident version of yourself?

‘Course you bloody do!

So it’s time to drop the excuses about time, money and self-belief

and to see what happens when you start to believe.

Man, I had one guy who gained so much confidence and clarity about himself and his life that he left his then-fiancé and grew his business (& love life) to levels he’d never dared believe possible!

(now I’m not suggesting you leave your missus, his was a special case, but this is a powerful example of what can happen when you’re a fully optimised version of yourself!)


To end this post, let me just say that when you know where you are now and where you wanna be, and you allow yourself to believe you can do it.

The only way is up baby!

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