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How to Take Control of Your Body
& Feel Good Again
Even if You feel Like it’s a
Lot Too Hard
& a Little Too Late


Ever wish you could feel like you did when you were
younger & more energetic?

Ever dream about fitting into the same size jeans & tops that you
could just a few short years ago?

Do you wish you could be content with your reflection
REGARDLESS of what other people think?

Well you can.

And it’s not even that hard.

MYTH: Most people who are feeling out of control & miserable about their body believe they have to achieve a “shredded physique” and sport a 6-pack 24/7 to finally feel ok about their figure.

It’s not true.
No by a long shot
Because having been “that guy” with the 6-pack
and having helped 100’s of people to regain control of their bodies,
I can safely say that
6-packs and “the shred” are NOT the Be All & End All
of feeling good.

a MUCH more important aspect of being happy with your body
is getting stronger, adding some muscle & tone and if you need to, losing a bit of weight.

Luckily, getting stronger, adding muscle & tone and dropping some body weight is an extremely simple process…

IF you know & understand the basic principles.

And YOU my dear are in luck
because I’m about to share those principles with you along with one of my own “secrets to success”.

STEP 1 – Go Lift Heavy Stuff

Heavy is relative to YOU.
It doesn’t matter if you’re short, tall, fat, thin, boy or girl,
lifting weights is GOOD for you.

Everything in life gets easier when you’re stronger.
Your body stays younger when you’re stronger.
You maintain the ability to live life to the full when you are STRONGER!

All you gotta do is get someone like me to show you how it’s done… and do it.

STEP 2 – Move Your Body

No, not Clubbercise or Insanity.

Both of those are ineffective over the long term, for very different reasons.

No, move your body in such a way as to
get out of breath,
raise your heart rate
and get a sweat on.

TOP TIP: Don’t worry about how hard or intense OTHER people are going.
You just worry about yourself.
You are where you are, and YOU are in the driving seat.

So if the thought of doing cardio scares you & makes you want to puke,
just start at a level that’s not too scary and progress it from there at YOUR pace.

STEP 3 – Eat more Protein & Veg,
Drink More Water, Get More Sleep.

Diet is a funny one.
(& BORING too by the way!)

Some people thrive with an eating plan,
others feel it’s like their own private version of hell.

Me… I ebb and I flow between the 2.

So when I’m feeling emotionally strong I eat well and burn some extra fat.
But when I’m too exhausted and/or stressed
I lift the rules a bit (sometimes a LOT)

Because at the end of the day,
the more RESTRICTED you feel around food,
the LESS likely you are to stick to a plan.

“Lemme Hear Ya Say HELL YEAH!” 

Remember: YOU are in the driving seat. You choose. It’s YOUR life 😉

BONUS: The Secret to Their Success

I train LOTS of guys n girls.
Most of them stay with me at my gym for a long time,
years in some cases,
and they all LOVE coming to train.

I know, crazy right?
Who loves the gym except those handsome buff dudes
and annoyingly skinny gym bunnies?

That’s for those OTHER people, yes?

It is not for “other” people at all.

Not when you have one thing right:


I train semi-private.
Never more than 4 people on a session
and me there to guide them every single time.

The magic this creates for my members and me is irreplaceable.

The fun, support, guidance, camaraderie & friendship…
it literally has the power to change lives.

Everyone at my gym feels like the BELONG there,
and that they’re part of something important.

THAT is the secret my their (& my) success.

So I highly recommend you find something similar if you want to see consistent progress and have a life-changing experience.

You truly won’t find a better environment than small-group training led by a good trainer.
You get the fun of a big class workout
with the 1-2-1 attention of a private session
and an exclusive feeling of doing something special.

Peace Out!

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