Boy Training VS. Man Training

If you’re reading this masculinity blog you should know I’ve made 2 assumptions:

  1. You are interested in being a strong, masculine and well-adjusted man
  2. You’re some way past 30 years old, you realise that there are Men and there are Boys, and that being old does not automatically qualify you as being a Man

You probably also want to continue your journey of manliness and fulfil your own masculine potential. Hopefully you’ll also have realised by now that becoming a Man is NOT just about how to Get, Please & Keep a Woman [blog coming soon]

BECOMING A MAN is something you do for YOURSELF

You’ll be more attractive to women by doing this anyway, so everyone’s a winner

But I want to talk to you about a very specific aspect of Manliness:
Your Strength, Physique & Fitness, and how & why you train for it…

The Difference Between Boy Training & Man Training

Boys train to LOOK good
Boys train to look good because their mates are doing it
Boys train to look good on the outside because they don’t know that the outside is a reflection of what’s inside
Boys train so they can put cool pics on Instagram
Boys train because they think it’ll make girls like them

Boys train for externally driven reasons and for ego

Sometimes Boys train because they think it’ll make them Men (and it’s not a bad place to start)


MEN, though, train for higher reasons

Men train because they understand that physical strength and fitness are prerequisite for true masculinity

This holds true now, even in this age we live in of relative peace & prosperity

The peace and prosperity that was built on the blood and sacrifice of Men

And though we live in an age where a Man’s ability to feel, communicate, and manage his emotions is more treasured than his ferocity, protectiveness and willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good, we must still retain the core of what it means to become that type of Warrior Man again

Regardless of how soft the world around us becomes, the peace we live in is not guaranteed to last. In fact it is highly likely to end abruptly, and sooner than we imagine

Then all of a sudden our new abilities to be in touch with the softer parts of ourselves will become a weakness, undesirable, and we will be asked to close our emotions, and to do what Men have to do when called upon for heroic acts.

To create and protect the freedom of our families and our nations through blood and sacrifice

Where does true masculinity sit in all of this? I suppose a line down the middle. Today’s Man must be physically, emotionally and mentally strong and also be able to tap into the energy of love and empathy. To be a present and engaged father, a strong and reliable lover, a leader and a wise man. The warrior must be kept sharp, but also dwell beneath the surface

We must seek to become Men of Quality

To be worthy Sons, Brothers, Fathers and Lovers

THAT is why Men train

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